The following account of the history of Incarnation Parish is
based upon and excerpted from a history written by Theodore
Cardinal E. McCarrick, a graduate of Incarnation School and
parishioner of the Incarnation Parish.
He was ordained on May 31st and offered his first Mass at
Incarnation on June 1, 1958.

Cardinal McCarrick, was strongly encouraged by the pastor of
Incarnation to write this history for the parish’s Jubilee year in

He undertook to research and write our history in partial
fulfillment of the requirements for a Master of Arts degree in
History. The completed dissertation was offered successfully for
examination under the title, Incarnation Parish, A Chronicle of
Fifty Years.

We at Incarnation Parish are very grateful to Cardinal
McCarrick and thank him for his valuable contribution to our
parish at its Golden Jubilee and even more so now as we
celebrate its Centennial.

In writing his account of our history, Father McCarrick, chose to
keep the major problems and  developments unique to each
period unified. In this way, he could give us a sense of what
parish life was like in each of those time periods.

Using, "The Parable of the Sower", he takes us through the
tenure of each pastor.

Thus, the early story of Incarnation  from its beginning until
1958,  is told in the manner of the parable. There is the fertile
field, then there is the time for the planting of the seeds, the wait
for the great growth and lastly, there is the harvest.
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Church of the Incarnation
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New York, New York 10033
Celebrating 100 years of Prayer and Service    1908-2008
The Church of the Incarnation

A Roman Catholic Church | New York City
Theodore Edgar Cardinal McCarrick
Archbishop Emeritus
of Washington D.C.

Born: July 7, 1930
Elevated: February 2, 2001
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